Welcome to the new Rude Boy Enterprises Web site! My name is "Skaman Sam"uel Cotten Tyler. I am the founder and sole employee of Rude Boy Enterprises.

What is Rude Boy Enterprises?

Rude Boy Enterprises is simply a name under which I publish all my work. My hobby is developing software, and it is not uncommon for hobbyists and students to use another, more professional name to refer to themselves. The use of this name, and an accompanying logo, adds a more professional look and feel to their software or services, and allows others to easily recognize their products. Personally, I think it looks better in the About Box than simply "My name is Sam."

What is a Rude Boy?

The term "rude boy" originated in Jamaica, and currently in the US, mainly refers to any male who listens to ska music. "Rude girl" is the term as applied to females. See The Urban Dictionary or Wikipedia for someone else's definition.

What does it mean to not exist?

In a legal sense, Rude Boy Enterprises does not exist. It is not a registered company anywhere. In terms of logic, for something to not exist, it must not be in the set of all things that do exist. So any money I may make is reported to the government by me, personally, as income earned from a hobby. Rude Boy Enterprises is a software development company. In the past, I have charged only for services; and all software I develop is released to the public free of charge, even if I develop software during enacting those services for others. To date, I have earned income for only one site - the North Carolina Academy of Sciences - as a favor to a co-worker.